domingo, 10 de fevereiro de 2013

as far as the eye can see

Uma música que definitivamente induz uma trip natural é a obra "Music For 18 Musicians" de Steve Reich.:

After Reich's initial experiments with phase music, he moved on to exploring pulse -- music that had no relation to melody, but would repeat phrases of either one or several notes, increasing then decreasing in volume as long as the musician had the stamina. When repeated with several musicians playing around one key and starting them off at different times, the result was a piece that continuously evolved, sounding like a night drive through a neon city with bright sounds appearing on the horizon, coming closer, then disappearing behind. The original recording in 1978 on ECM records was a major step forward for Reich and legitimized his music beyond the experimentation of such works as "Violin Phase." Where the phase work felt insular and looped, Music for 18 Musicians stretches as far as the eye can see. 
O concerto completo, para quem quiser relaxar um bocadinho neste Domingo cinzentão:

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O Fulano disse...

Diria "Rock On" se não parecesse tão desenquadrado do tema em causa. ;)