sexta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2010

vidas modelo #3

- You said that starving doesn't create art. That it creates many things, but mainly, it creates time.
- Yeah, well, hey thats very basic, I hate to use up your film to say this... but you know, if you work an eight hour job and you're going to get 55 cents an hour, if you stay home you're not going to get any money but you're going to have time to write things down on the paper. I guess I was one of those rarities of our modern times who did starved for its art, i really starved to have... a 24 hour day unintruded upon by other people. I gave up food, i gave up everything just to... i was a nut, an aestethic idiot but you see, the problem is... you can be a dedicated nut and not be able to do it. Dedication without talent is useless.

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